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Winstrol Suspension is a popular steroid among veteran bodybuilders and athletes, thanks to its effectiveness in boosting muscle growth without the possibility of water retention. This product is best suited for experienced users looking for steady and lasting muscle mass. Get its best variants here.

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  • Product and Laboratory: Stanogen 50 (Winstrol) by MyoGen
  • Effects: Lean Muscle Gain, fat burning, increased strength, improves muscle definition
  • Ingredients: Stanozolol
  • Form: injection
  • Concentration: 50 mg/ml
  • Presentation: 5 amps of 1ml (Total box 250 mg)
  • Dosage: 50-100mg per day over the course of 6-8 weeks
    Beginners Intermediate Advanced Female
    50mg per day 75mg per day 100mg per day 10-20mg per day
  • Protection during treatment: NolvaGen (Nolvadex) / HCG / ClomiGen (Clomid) / AnaGen (Arimidex) / SamaGen (Samarin)
  • Pct post cycle therapy: NolvaGen (Nolvadex) / HCG / ClomiGen (Clomid) / AnaGen (Arimidex)
  • Stack: Anavar / Clenbuterol / T3 / Trenbolone
  • Level: Suitable for all users

Buy Stanogen 50 by Myogen (Winstrol 50mg- 5amps of 1ml)

Stanogen 50 is a proven, water-based cutting cycle steroid manufactured by the revered and one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies, Myogen. For decades now, this product has been employed both in the bodybuilding and medical fields due to the androgenic and anabolic traits it exhibits.

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol is the main substance that Stanogen 50 vial contains. The name Stanogen is derived from the other name of Winstrol, Stanozolol. In its pure state, Winstrol acts as an incinerator to the fat cells. For this role, it is used to generate proteins which replace the fat cells. This way, your body ends up becoming leaner while still sustaining or even recording an improvement in the overall stamina.

How does Injectable Winstrol Work?

In medical jargon, the injectable suspension is commonly christened Winstrol Depot.The term denotes how the drug behaves once it enters the muscles. Instead of getting absorbed into the bloodstream, it leaves the injection site (depot) gradually and heads directly into the muscle cells. This sometimes takes up to a week. The behavior is thought to reduce overall toxicity as opposed to the oral Winstrol.

To protect the drug against destruction by the body enzymes, Myogen adds a methyl group of carbonates to it which are /resistant to modification.

Benefits of Injectable Winstrol (Stanogen 50 Injection)


  • Does not convert into estrogens
  • Compatible with any bodybuilding supplements
  • Cuts fats without a change in the diet
  • Automatically boosts absorption of bodybuilding carbohydrates (good cholesterols)
  • Enhances nitrogen retention


The biggest problem that most bodybuilders combat while using anabolic steroids is that of increased production of estrogen. While this hormone is essential, overproduction often brings about adverse effects to your health. Luckily, Winstrol doesn’t aromatize and therefore doesn’t upset estrogen production. This way, your muscles will remain tough and dry without requiring anti-estrogens.

Each Stanogen 50 injection will gradually increase the level of LDL (low-density lipoproteins). These are considered good cholesterols especially now that they are a great source of carbohydrates.

Naturally, Winstrol prevents neutralization of steroids by the sex hormone-binding globulin. As a result, you can take other steroids alongside it without the danger of lowering your performance or strength levels. This makes it an excellent supplement to utilize when seeking to boost the workability of other steroids in your stack.

Winstrol enhances nitrogen preservation in the body; and as you possibly know, nitrogen is at the heart of production of amino acids which repair damaged tissue and maintain them.

Since Winstrol is anabolic, you can use it to cut weight by losing fats (beta oxidation). Anyone participating in modelling competition will therefore want to give this steroid a try. Not only will it accentuate your abs but also draw you closer to the silhouette that you so much desire.

The good thing is that its injection works without requiring a change in the diet. Yes, you won’t spend extra cash finding and implementing low-calorie recipes. Just eat normally and exercise moderately and the results will amaze you.

Stanogen 50 Dosage (Injectable Winstrol Dosage)

The rate at which you inject this product as well as cycle length are highly dependent on both the user’s gender and experience. The average length of the cycle for men is 6 weeks when receiving a Stanogen shot daily. Otherwise, it goes for 8 weeks when settling for the bare minimum of 4 injections per week.

Women, on the other hand, have difficulties using steroids that are androgenic in nature due to the risk of virilization (gaining secondary male characteristics). All the same, they can take this product’s injection daily alongside Anavar to accelerate their performance over a short period. You are advised to halt the medication immediately virilization begins.

As for the experience, first ensure you can withstand the pain of the needle. Unfortunately, Winstrol can cause discomfort when injected on a daily basis. The weekly minimum dosage is 200mg while its maximum is 400mg. That translates to between 4-7 injections weekly.

Important: Avoid subcutaneous (under the skin) injections. They are often extremely painful and could open up sites for pathogen entry. Stick to intramuscular injections.

Injectable Winstrol Side Effects

Although largely considered safe, Winstrol might cause mild complications which can easily be minimized or even averted. The obvious side effect is pain which we mentioned earlier. Others include:

  • Hepatoxicity/liver problems
  • Sore skin for subcutaneous injections
  • Joint pains associated with the tissues drying effect
  • Virilization for women and mood changes
  • Baldness
  • Cardiovascular abnormalities
  • Accumulation of LDL cholesterols to toxic levels

Most of these effects naturally wear off except for baldness and virilization which tend to be permanent.

Where to Buy Stanozolol/Winstrol

Any athlete looking to lean or cut fats cannot afford the risk of under dosing or taking a fake Winstrol injection. The effects are too dire to deal with.

Myogen manufactures original, quality and highly concentrated injectable Winstrol under the brand name Stanogen 50. Each vial contains 50mg of Stanozolol which when injected daily has the capacity to cut your fats quicker than any anabolic steroid in the market today. Its prices are also reasonable irrespective of the cost of production.

Stanogen 50 has the approval of supply from FDA and is therefore safe for human use. Consider buying Anavar or Deca Durabolin to supplement your body with energy while hardening/drying your muscles. Join the rest of successful bodybuilders in cycling with the safest anabolic supplement.

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