Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

DecaDurabolin is a steroid that is mostly anabolic but also features androgenic properties. DecaDurabolin works by releasing Nandrolone into the blood stream – Nandrolone is a testosterone-like hormone. As such, it stimulates increased energy production and makes muscles leaner and tougher.

Some of the leading brands of DecaDurabolin are DecaGen, DecaDurabolin and NandroloneDecanoate. Leading manufacturers, on the other hand, include Alpha Pharma, MyoGen and Organon.

Benefits of DecaDurabolin

  • Improves recovery of muscles and tissues by accelerating the synthesis of collagen
  • Improves intake and utilization of nutrients
  • Makes muscles leaner and tougher
  • Increases production of energy
  • Improves the body’s anabolic capacity
  • Burns fats and calories

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