Send money in person from one of the 550,000 Western Union points of sale worldwide or on Internet 24/24.

“Using Western Union couldn’t be easier thanks to the 550,000 Western Union paypoints around the globe and on the Internet, open for access 24/7.

Looking To Pay By Western Union?

All you need to do is enter any location with a Western Union paypoint or pay by card on the WU homepage using your previously stated beneficiary (the one you mentioned on the order confirmation page.) You can only use each beneficiary once, and they are valid for a period of only 5 days once your order has been placed. Once this time frame has elapsed you’ll have to start a new order if you want to obtain a new beneficiary.

Make sure you pay attention to the maximum amount for each beneficiary too, as you may have to split your order (i.e if you’re using two with a maximum limit of $500 each for a $900 order then you’ll have to send $500 with one and $400 with the other.)

You can expect your order to be sent out between 48 to 72 hours after our accounts team has confirmed your payment (this is going to depend on the nature of your order though i.e items ordered, shipment method, delivery location et.) If you send a photo of your package once it arrives to share with the community, we’ll give you 10% off your next order!”


IMPORTANT: in “PURPOSE”, you must absolutely specify «DONATION».
If the purpose of payment field is left empty, or if you give another reason for transfer, your payment will be canceled.


  • You can pay in a Western-Union location or by credit card on the Western-Union website by using the beneficiary given on your order confirmation page.
  • Please notice that the beneficiary can be used only once and is valid only for a period of 5 days after your order on the site. After this period, you will have to do a new order on the site to obtain a new valid beneficiary.
  • In addition, please pay attention to the maximum amount of each beneficiary. For example, to pay an order of $900 with 2 beneficiaries limited to $500 each, please send $500 on the first beneficiary and $400 on the second beneficiary.


This form must be completed after paying by Western Union.Please be careful and be sure to make no mistake or misspelling as it could delay the validation of your payment of several days.

Photo of your Western-Union payment receipt. Please write clearly your order number on it. It is not required to validate your payment, but it will speed up the cashing process and therefore the preparation and the shipping of your order.