We offer you the best way to pay for your order in just 10 minutes, wherever you are. RIA is similar to MG or Western-Union. Pay in person, over the phone (unavailable during an 1er payment) or online by credit card (only in the United States). More information:

In person

1. In person

You can find a Ria agency easily near you:

  • Go to a RIA agency
  • The agent brings your data into the system
  • Your money will be transferred to us in 10 minutes

By phone

2. By phone

You just need to call RIA, your money transfer will be ready in just a few minutes.

(Note: this is only available if you already have a RIA account, and if you have already made a 1st payment before)


3. Online

Available only for US citizens, this is the most convenient way to send money from your couch.

  • Pay by from your bank account or credit card
  • Sign up now and your first money transfer will be free *!

Please note, transaction costs are your responsibility. For example, if you have an order of $ 250, we must receive exactly that amount--otherwise we will not accept the transaction.

Please note that it is only available for mimimum orders of 120€ (120$)
Please specify that the beneficiary needs to receive the same currency as you are sending.
If you are sending €, please ask that the beneficiary also receive €.
If you are sending $, please ask that the beneficiary also receive $.
If you pay in another currency than $ or € then please ask that the beneficiary receive in $.
Please use this page for the conversion.

Once your payment is done, please send us the RIA payment confirmation:


This form must be completed after paying by RIA. Please be careful and be sure to make no mistake or misspelling as it could delay the validation of your payment of several days. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]
Please send the photo of your RIA payment receipt. Please write clearly your order number on it. It is not required to validate your payment, but it will speed up the cashing process and therefore the preparation and the shipping of your order.

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