What Is HCG?

The human body has a lot of naturally occurring hormones that it releases to serve as a catalyst in one important bodily function or another. There is one hormone that helps in regulating the body’s rate of metabolism. This hormone is also a key indicator used by doctors in determining the pregnancy status of women in their early stage of pregnancy. The hormone in question is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or what is simply known as HCG.

So what is HCG and why is it important to weight loss? As a bodybuilder looking to begin a cutting cycle, you may need to burn toxic fat or cellulite as quickly as you can. Natural HCG can help to burn body fat rapidly especially during pregnancy or starvation, but ordinarily this hormone is only released in small amounts in the body. In order to boost your HCG, you would need to run a HCG cycle and administer injectable synthetic HCG over a specific period of time.

How does HCG Work?

Natural HCG is very active in pregnant women or someone starving. The HCG acts as a catalyst in instructing the body to burn stored up body fat. Not all body fat is bad, for example, structural fat which provides a cushion over your vital organs are vital to keeping them shielded and protected. However, cellulite which is a toxic body fat that is stored around the hate belly and chest of men, and around the midsection and thighs of women would need to be metabolised if your aim is to have a bodybuilders’ physique.

So how does HCG work? Well, when administered, injectable HCG will trigger the body to go into starvation mode and use up the cellulite as energy for the body. As a bodybuilder, this energy will be used up during your workout and training sessions.


HCG and Low Calorie Diet

When asked the question of how does HCG work, you can use the example of a bodybuilder who is on a low calorie (about 500 calories) dietary plan, and administering HCG at the same time.

What happens in this situation is that the cellulite will be metabolised and used up by the body as its main source of food. This stored fat is converted into energy that will be used as fuel when the bodybuilder needs to workout.


A Typical HCG Cycle for Weight Loss

Bodybuilders can go on a HCG cycle along with androgenic anabolic steroids for a period of 30 days. Typically, you can use 250 IU of injectable HCG every 4 to 5 days.

HCG will influence your eating habit by reducing your appetite and giving you a feeling of satiety. It then causes the body to rely on stored body fat as the primary source food to burn and this results in significant weight loss. However, your muscle mass will not be affected by the weight loss only your body fat and specifically cellulite will be metabolised.

By going on a 30 day HCG cycle combined with a low calorie diet, you would be able to shed as much as 30 pounds or 10% of your initial body weight. It does not matter if you are a male or female bodybuilder, synthetic injectable HCG is considered to be safe for use.